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AUSHA Black Ginger Powder is 100% Organically Grown. Its Vegan Society Certified. Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians .Product of India.
The root of a flowering plant, Black Ginger looks just like regular ginger, until you cut it. Inside, this spicy root is a deep purple, almost black. When dried, it does take on a darker charcoal color. This is where it gets its name.
Energy – Black ginger has been linked to improved energy and lower fatigue. The enzyme AMPK found in this superfood is believed to improve glucose metabolism.
Antioxidants – Like its peers, ginger and turmeric, black ginger contains powerful antioxidants that may help protect cells from free radical oxidative damage.
Health Benefits – Antioxidants and metabolic improvements combined can help increase endurance,Energy and stamina.
Dosage – Add 2 to 3 grams of Black Ginger to warm water or your favorite Shakes,Juice,Smoothie and consume.

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