Organic Black Peppercorns Smoked


Organic Smoked Black Peppercorns – 

2** Winner Great Taste Award 2023 – Our Organic Smoked Black Peppercorns has won this award for its Outstanding Taste.


  • WAY TO USE – Smoked Black Peppercorns can be grated and used in the same way as a normal peppercorns in Sauces, Stews, Paste, Curries, Soups & all type dishes.
  • Elevate Your Dishes: Sprinkle these smoked peppercorns over your favourite dishes for a delightful smoky kick.
  • Versatile Seasoning: Ideal for adding depth and complexity to meat dishes, sauces, marinades, and various culinary creations.
  • Premium Quality: These smoked black peppercorns are carefully selected and expertly smoked for an intense, smoky flavour.


Smoked Black Peppercorns are made from the normal Black Peppercorns by a Smoking Process where Black Peppercorns are         smoked using Teak Wood, Coconut Husk and Paddy Husk.

  • In Smoked Peppercorns Heat builds steadily to a pleasing tingle, which lingers. This remains for a while, and seems to push out other higher notes that might offer floral or fruit relief. Tropical fruitiness is apparent and has a pleasing intensity. Fresh and bright astringency.
  • CERTIFICATIONS – AUSHA Organic Black Pepper is 100% Organic Certified by Soil Association & Vegan Society Certified.Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians, 100% Natural & No Preservatives, No Gluten & Additives. Product of India.

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Ingredients – 100% Smoked Organic Black Peppercorns


Organic Smoked Peppercorns is Prepared by Smoking in a combination of Teak Wood, Paddy Husk and Coconut Husk. Made of Tellicherry Peppercorns variety. Smoked Peppercorns can be used in Cooking and Grinding.

2** Winner Great Taste Award 2023 – Our Organic Smoked Black Peppercorns has won this award for its Outstanding Taste.

  • Elevate your culinary creations with the rich, smoky essence of these smoked black peppercorns.
  • Meticulously smoked over natural hardwood fires, these peppercorns boast an unparalleled depth of flavour that will tantalize your taste buds.
  • Each coruscating bead harbours an intoxicating aroma and a robust, lingering heat that adds an exquisite layer of complexity to any dish.
  • Whether you’re seasoning hearty stews, sprinkling them over roasted vegetables, or incorporating them into marinades and rubs, these smoked black peppercorns will infuse your cuisine with an unmistakable, alluring smokiness.
  • Embrace the art of flavour enhancement and let these peppercorns transport your palate on a tantalizing journey through the realms of culinary delight.
  • Packaged in an airtight pouch to preserve their potent essence, these peppercorns are a must-have for any discerning chef or home cook seeking to elevate their dishes to new heights of gastronomic excellence.

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