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We believe that natural and unprocessed food keeps us healthy inside out.
All our products are organic certified.

All our products are cruelty free and suitable for consumption by vegetarians and vegans. Our oils are cold-pressed and therefore they are free from any animal fat additives and chemicals. We are committed to bring you quality organic products at best price to supplement your healthy life style.


We hold a current organic licence with the Soil Association.

This ensures AUSHA Ltd has been inspected and satisfies the requirements of the Soil Association organic standards and Regulations (EC) No 834/2007 and 889/2008.


Ausha Organic Amla Berry Infusion

Organic Amla Berry Infusion

    Ausha Amla Mint Tea Amazon Mockup

    Organic Amla Mint Tea

      Ausha Moringa Ginger Tea Amazon Mockup

      Organic Moringa Ginger Tea

        Ausha Moringa Green Tea Amazon Mockup

        Organic Moringa Green Tea

          Ausha Moringa Tea Amazon Mockup

          Organic Moringa Tea

            Ausha Moringa Mint Tea Amazon Mockup

            Organic Moringa Mint Tea

              Ausha Tulsi Tea Amazon Mockup

              Organic Tulsi Tea

                Ausha Organic Coffee Beans

                Organic Coffee Beans

                  Ausha Organic Black Pepper Powder

                  Organic Black Pepper Powder

                    Ausha Organic Turmeric Powder

                    Organic Turmeric Powder

                      Ausha Organic Whole Black Pepper

                      Organic Whole Black Pepper

                        Ausha Organic Coconut Oil

                        Organic Coconut Oil

                          Ausha Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

                          Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

                            Ausha Organic Amla Powder

                            Organic Amla Powder

                              Ausha Organic Ashwagandha Powder

                              Organic Ashwagandha Powder

                                Ausha Organic Cacao Nibs

                                Organic Cacao Nibs

                                  Ausha Organic Moringa Powder

                                  Organic Moringa Powder

                                    Ausha Organic Cashew Nuts

                                    Organic Cashew Nuts


                                      • Where are your products sourced from?

                                      All our Organic Fairtrade products are sourced from Kerala in India where there an ideal climate exist throughout the year to grow Coconut trees, Cashew trees, Coffee plantations and other herbs & spices

                                      • Are all products that you sell are organic?

                                      All our organic products are grown in organic certified plantations. All our organic products are certified as organic by Soil Association in UK.

                                      • What is the difference between the Organic virgin coconut oil and Organic coconut oil?

                                      Our organic virgin coconut oil is prepared by cold pressing fresh coconuts and extracting the virgin oil from the fresh coconut milk.

                                      Our coconut oil is made by cold-pressing dried fresh coconut flesh.

                                      • Are your coconut oil products raw?

                                      Both virgin coconut oil & coconut oil are raw and unrefined – maintaining all the natural goodness of the coconuts.

                                      • What is the fatty acid profile for your coconut oil products?

                                      Cold pressed virgin coconut oil

                                      Fatty acid profile

                                      Parameters Result

                                      • Caprylic – C6: 0 – 0.05 %
                                      • Caprylic – C8: 0 – 0.34 %
                                      • Capric – C10: 0 – 3.70 %
                                      • Lauric – C12: 0 – 52.93 %
                                      • Myristic – C14: 0 – 22.98 %
                                      • Palmitic – C16: 0 – 8.97 %
                                      • Stearic – C18: 0 –  3.37 %
                                      • Oleic – C18: 1 – 6.59 %
                                      • Linoleic – C18: 2 – 1.04 %

                                      Cold pressed virgin coconut oil fatty acid profile

                                      Fatty acid profile

                                      Parameters Result

                                      • Caprylic – C6: 0 –  0.02%
                                      • Caprylic – C8: 0 –  0.35 %
                                      • Capric – C10: 0 –  3.12 %
                                      • Lauric – C12: 0 –  48.49 %
                                      • Myristic – C14: 0 – 23.21%
                                      • Palmitic – C16: 0 – 10.47 %
                                      • Stearic – C18: 0 – 3.23 %
                                      • Oleic – C18: 1 – 8.72 %
                                      • Linoleic – C18: 2 – 2.37 %

                                      • Why your products are packed in India?

                                      To further support the fairtrade community of our supplier we have decided to do the packaging and labelling of our products at our supplier’s fairtrade and organic certified packaging centre.

                                      In this process the freshness of the products are maintained as they are packaged in the source.

                                      • What is the cacao variety used in your products?

                                      Our suppliers grow Theobroma cacao variety which is used to prepare cacao nibs.

                                      • Any animals used in preparing/manufacturing your products?

                                      No animals are used by our suppliers in their preparation process and we are Vegan society certified.

                                      • What is the curcumin percentage in your turmeric products?


                                      • What is the piperine percentage in your pepper products?


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