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Organic Amla Powder

Amla Powder

Amla Powder Organic-Indian Gooseberry

Amla Powder Health Benefits

  • Amla powder is the purest form of Vitamin C and it enriches you from within by making the blood vessels stronger and thicker. It also improves your immunity which helps in fighting infections.
  • Amla powder helps to control blood sugar levels. Amla contains chromium which makes the body more responsive to insulin and regulates the blood glucose levels.
  • Amla reduces the risk of heart disease by regulating the build-up of bad cholesterol.
  • Amla is rich in antioxidants that help in fighting free radicals in the body.
  • Amla powder gives you glowing skin and also keeps it hydrated.
  • Amla powder has a high fiber content which works wonderfully for the digestive system. It’s an effective cure for constipation. The dried powder of the amla fruit is also a great home remedy for hyperacidity and stomach ulcers.
  • Amla is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces the acid level in the stomach and fights inflammation.
  • Amla powder when taken with a teaspoon of honey in a hot water acts as a great blood purifier.

How to use Amla Powder

  • Amla powder when taken with a teaspoon of honey in warm water acts as a great blood purifier.
  • Add a tablespoon of Amla powder to juices, smoothies and consume it for a great detox drink.
  • Mix Amla powder to your face mask for natural glow. You can mix amla powder, honey, and yogurt to make a quick face mask. Leave it on till it dries and then wash off. It will leave your skin smooth and clean.
  • Amla is also great for your hair. It not only cures dandruff but also helps in preventing hair loss.
  • Amla powder mixed with a few pieces of chopped ginger and a tablespoon of honey in warm water has been proven to be an effective treatment for a cough and a sore throat.
  • Amla naturally contains hair vitamins and antioxidants essential to natural hair growth.

Amla Herbal Tea

  • Add a Tea Spoon of Amla powder, Honey to a cup of Hot Water and Stir well to make a Herbal Tea that helps to improve your immunity.
  • Adding Turmeric powder and Black Pepper to this Herbal Tea makes it even more potent in healing Throat Infections, Body Ache, and acts as a defense against Cold/Flu-like symptoms.

Drinking this Amla Tea early morning upon raising and during the day helps your body a lot due to the high Vitamin C, Anti-Ageing, Anti-Inflammatory contents in Amla fruit. This Tea also helps to control the Blood Sugar levels.

Amla Powder Organic-Indian Gooseberry

Triphala Powder Organic


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